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Singapore is an international business & financial Centre evolving new companies every day, establishing their existence and changing their companies in and out of Singapore. In this hustling business life its hard you do all the work where relocation and moving is a typical process hence we are there to assist.

Over the year, we have strongly dealt with different type & size of financial moves, making us one of the best company in Singapore for such actions. Thus by choosing with our Moving Company Singapore you can continue with your regular progress without any hassle and tension.

Compatibility Services from our Moving Company Singapore

We Frigate - Moving Company Singapore have the capacity for your one stop field moves

  • Office relocation
  • Warehousing reallocation
  • Computer servers re-commissioning & other IT moves
  • Point - point workstations, dissembling and assembly
  • Reinstatement

Why to Choose Frigate Logistics and Movers

  • Professionally prepared and can take exceptional care while moving your assets. We will know how, what and when to begin with.
  • We provide carton boxes, lorry transportation service and even storage and post transport cleaning on requisite. So we are your one stop shop for everything you need.
  • Proficient experts are there to prompt how you ought to sort and pack your stuff.
  • We will help you to do the whole substantial work quite, peaceful and harmoniously. This is to maintain a strategic distance from pointless mental and physical anxiety.
  • Frigate House Movers Singapore has a contemporary way of taking care for your important and memorable things for example, Piano, Painting, etc. We know the ethnic and traditional importance of your belongings and we take care of it in a modernized way
  • Providing the identification full of inventory list for any department needs

Relocating and Packing Methodology with our Moving Company Singapore

“Don't Make a Move Without Us”

Moving is not an easy task, but there is nothing permanent except change in this world. So don't hesitate to change we are there to help you in every step you take during relocation. Our relocation services start with dismantling or removing the stuffs from the respectable location followed by packing.

When moving to a new home or location, having the proper packing materials are is just as important as knowing where they all will go. Using just any boxes or containers that happen to be lying around to secure and move your belongings could potentially leave you open to mishaps or damages during the journey of a move. With our state of art customized packaging supplies, you can be assured knowing that your personal items, furniture’s are secure and properly protected for the long road to your new home.

General Packing supplies

  • Newsprint paper – dishes, plates, display items
  • Air-cap – for fragile items
  • Tissue – accessories and ornaments
  • Brown paper – Art pieces & painting
  • Kraft & OPP Tapes
  • Customized labels
  • Silica gel & Absorbent pole
  • Peanut foam filing

Boxes of various sizes

  • Small boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Extra large boxes
  • Divided boxes
  • Plastic bins, if you plan to reuse them for storage


  • Shipping tape (2)
  • Duct tape or strapping tape (2)
  • Masking tape for labeling (2)
  • Painter’s tape for immediate projects (2)
  • Tape dispensers

Packing is followed by transportation… Frigate to make very smooth and fast services! Moving is made simple with our Lorry Rental Singapore. We supply all that is needed to guarantee your move is as simple as could reasonably be expected. We have attractive features on request and chargeable to enhance the operation,

  • Ropes
  • Hand Trolley
  • Packing boxes
  • Covers and more

Singapore city has various organizations to offer Lorry Rental with Driver assistance, yet we set a benchmark in providing “customer delight” services in Singapore. The mind-boggling traffics can make transportations a major issue in Singapore but we plan well ahead to overcome the hindrance. Our drivers with abundant location knowledge are ‘on time every time’’

To optimize relocating service, we follow to the Code of Conduct. Thus every information of the relocating services and moving is defined & implemented. We Movers are honored to cater your need. Our customers are our pride… we are here to form their move memorable! Our efficient work is focused to make a reliable relation with our customers. And if you are looking for the best relocating service, we are the one

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