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Frigate Logistics and Movers is trusted by associations in Singapore to enable them to relocate their offices. Organizations establish Frigate Logistics and Movers as their business collaborator for our true serenity and safety and on top of it, is our work that matters with most experience and mastery. Frigate - One of the leading and Best Logistics support services provider in Singapore. We are committed in delivering on-time, the best and premium quality as per the conversation. Quality and reliability is what we deliver to our valuable customers, which is why Frigate Logistics & Movers has been the preferred choice of many companies in Singapore.

Storage Services and Dynamic Moving for Tailoring Your necessities

Our Service will extends from moving small size to large sized organizations along with short term to long term storage facilities by extracting the complexities that are involved in relocation process. Anytime, our expertise staffs are available at your service.

In fact, you are one of the valuable port to impress, more and more valuable customer towards us. So we care your owns like ours.

If you are searching for the better relocation process, it’s the time you choose us.

Unique Approach from our Professional Office Movers Singapore

Dissimilar to run of the mill home moves, office relocations necessitates significantly more things and significantly more people. Systematized process is adopted to guarantee that the moves can be done efficiently and also successfully. Furthermore, the organization needs to do the relocations as quickly as possible in order to reinstate your business at the earliest.

These business strategy embolden us to maintain a strategic distance from specific issues like:

  • Relocation method taking any longer than anticipated
  • Lost of imperatives
  • Sensitive reports during the moves
  • Harm to costly equipment’s and things
  • Injury continues by staff from being deficiently fully trained for the moving occupation

These issues can be easily evaded when you utilize our expert moving team and that is the reason we urge clients to investigate this choice before performing the move.

Proficient and Enlarged Support along Transportations

We pride a fleet of a wide range of vehicles to suit different moving necessities. From large cargo vehicles to move huge things like cupboards to small vans to transport tables and chairs etc. We posses an assortment of vehicles of various capacity and particulars to make the moving procedure much smoother.

Our vehicles likewise accompanied top notch break frameworks and power directing to guarantee that the ride is efficiently loaded and alighted. Movable stacking decks accompany most vehicles in order to make stacking those awkward things less demanding and less tiring.

Various List of Moving Services under Frigate - Office Movers Singapore
  • Removal or dismantling things
  • Wrapping and Packing Services
  • Transport/Relocation Services
  • Storage at warehousing
  • Unpack at new locations
  • Unwrapping and Reinstating
  • Assembly services for furniture’s and IT
  • Cleaning and Disposal services

The foundation of fruitful office moves, be it over the road or crosswise over borders, is great arranging for Frigate. It is a procedure we have aced in many moves, so you can unwind while we carry the heap for you.

Get in touch with us, call (+65) 92777872 to begin planning your office move with Frigate LOGISTICS & MOVERS today.

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