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Relocation Companies in Singapore shift towards the Pleasant

Relocation can be a major disruption to many regardless whether it is a small or large move, however it need not be so in your case. Frigate Movers provides one-stop service for all moving needs: from assessment, to packing and transportation, to storage and disposal, and all other interim needs. Our focus is to immensely listening to our customers, and shaping our services to precisely meet your unique needs. We know the tedious process of shifting everything in a single time or all at one. That’s why we are here for making the Best Relocation Services for you.

Why use a moving company?

  • It saves you a lot of time...
  • We will do the heavy lifting
  • We know the best way to ship your goods!
  • You are insured as per conditions
  • We know the cheapest way to get your goods moved
  • Special equipment for the move
  • Professional service that ensures safety
  • We can also pack all your stuff on demand
  • Fulfil all your requirement when moving in process

Factors to consider before choosing…

Speedy response and Service

When choosing a relocation company, pick one that is able to respond to your enquiries and process applications quickly and efficiently. Similar to online shopping, different companies require a different length of time to get things done, so make sure you check with them how long would it take them to move your belongings. This is extremely handled well in Frigate


Relocation company works unlikely towards causing danger, risk, safety of your belongings and materials through long and small distance relocation. Frigate assures you utmost safety during packing and in-transit. We also provide insurance facilities for high cost materials to the clients who request to insure their goods and provide insurance cost according to your damage goods abided by the law


When People discuss and choose a relocation company, features like services and quality is important but cost plays a major role. We provide the best service at a best price for you. All type of services during relocation persuades many customers to have a feeling of uncertainty about the price of a relocation company but our service and material cost is very reasonable. For relocation we have a well-trained team for each task of relocation. Our customer’s satisfaction is our priority. So all you have to do is choose at the meaningful cost Which is Frigate.

“We Do the Packing and You Do the Walking”

So its time you choose Frigate as you're moving partner as we focus on customer delight and we work hard in creating a customer who creates customers… Call Us now (+65) 92777872 / 87490502

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