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Rental Services Singapore for a Reliable Solutions

Frigate - leading logistics and Movers Private Limited enabling the customers to optimize through our efficient Rental Services around Singapore. Through our rental services you may get the global moving opportunities and transportations support with the best quality.

While you are transporting the cargos and goods throughout Singapore and you may in need of truck, van, warehouse, manpower rental service or even other value added services at a meaningful costs. That’s why we are enabling the logistics support at the best deal which will unquestionably profit you at any costs. There may be various supporters who can supply rental lorries near by you. But when compared to our experience they cannot get the way to reach through our quality services.

Special Maintenance under our Rental Services Singapore

Our trucks and vehicles are regularly maintained and also supported through the FC’s for working with the perfect conditions. After completing with the trip our vehicles are regularly checked and inspected for every damages and immediately corrected at the end of the trips. Our vehicles under lorry rental/van rental are working in first class condition and are much smoother and comfortable to the most.

Warehouse maintenance: We have Implemented preventive maintenance programme to ensure that storage buildings and building utilities are well maintained. We have adopted the basic three steps of warehouse improvement and maintenance structure.

    • Step1: Routine Housekeeping
    • Step2: Maintenance Activities
      • Inspection and Preventive Maintenance
      • Corrective Maintenance
    • Step3: Improvement Works

We believe in continuous improvement in the quality of service for which maintenance is the key concept so we aim at well maintaining our kits and kaboodles to deliver you the best service ever. We help you by targeting the desired locations or destinations at time to time support throughout Singapore. This is why we have more satisfied customers who even turn loyal to our service.

"We know that our customer’s experience is the next competitive battleground and our customer’s perception is our reality”

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