Storage facilities and warehousing


Storage Facilities and Warehousing Services Singapore

The Storage Facilities and Warehousing Services are offered at the best quality and also at reliable costs under our Frigate - Leading Logistics Company in Singapore.

Warehouse spaces are availed for both long term and short term storage purpose. Our Dynamics is perfect for the "just in time" delivery of your quick turnover stock. With room for logistical event staging, our prime midtown location provides for your most immediate needs. As we know the Warehouse and Storage facility will lead for proper place used for the storage and accumulations for your valuable goods; Our secure offsite space in Singapore can provide an alternative for long term storage. Our warehouses in various parts will leads with well-guarded, compete facility, Secured Facility and fully designed and framed floors for complete safety. Ours is a one stop shop as you could also avail Lorry/Van rental servers for transportation, labour and also waste disposal services on requisite.

Distinct operation features can be availed under our multi-tasking logistics company,

    • Dedicated & custom-built:
      • We are specialised in rendering customised storage solutions for our customers – dedicated warehousing space is available throughout out network.
    • Multi-user facilities:
      • You may require a short, medium or long term warehousing, our multi-user facilities provide scalable solutions that share cost of resources.
    • Facility operations:
      • We can take care of your warehouse operations and labour functions, making the most of your facility while you focus on your core business.

Each and every material which you send for storing purposes is stored only after the proper inspection of goods. Our specialised services will extends with the facilities availed with Containerised as per the type of goods.

We provide uncompromising quality by providing:

  • Extreme and Fine Quality storage place
  • Specialised Place or Storage that are customizable
  • Clean and Pest Free Environment
  • Highly Secured Store Place
  • Competitive costing
  • Provision for parking heavy as well as light vehicles
  • Trust worthy

These are some of the salient features and also security measures we are maintaining with the various freights and goods. So if you are searching for the proper stocking places or storage place choose Frigate Warehouse Storage Singapore.

“We Provide What We Promise”

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