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Warehouse is nothing but a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored prior to their distribution for sale. Warehouses are generally used by manufacturers and traders. Generally, warehouses are used for goods that are to be loaded and unloaded from or to railways, airways, harbors, etc. before distribution. They use trucks in roadways to deliver loads.

During the interim process of delivering shipment or in-transit goods at particular time, you may need a proper storage place or simply a godown. That’s when we are there for making the best, secured and corporate storage for your valuable goods.

Invariant Features under our Warehouse in Singapore

  • We provide storage capacity facilities with distance of 500 - 5000 sq.ft. in size and also have extra ceiling height
  • We also provide short term and long term storage solutions
  • Separated loading and unloading bay
  • Separated Loading Stocks to identical purposes
  • Maintain trash dumpsters along with the accessible doors
  • Security is on duty for 24 hours
  • Security Booth is located at the gate of the warehouse where movement of goods and vehicles are monitored and stored as records i.e. Entire warehouse office is equipped with CCTV security that work 24 hours
  • Sufficient firefighting equipment is installed at the warehouse premises. Fire Extinguishers are provided so as to provide fire protection. These are placed in a special firefighting booth area and are also spread out across the entire warehouse premises/compound
  • These are the salient features and also security measures we are maintaining with the various freights and goods. So if you are searching for the proper stocking places or storage place choose Frigate Warehouse Storage Singapore

Localized Conditions along with Godown or Storage

We offer docks which have large mechanical doors that are able to accommodate different goods sizes. Skylights are used in order to facilitate transmission of light through the warehouse space in the daytime which prevents loss of energy during the day. Wide driveways on all levels for ease of vehicle manoeuvring. 20 footer ramp up access for greater accessibility. Ample car and heavy vehicles parking lots are available. Warehouses are located in flood free places. Pay only for the space you utilize to store goods.

Decisions to opt our Flexible Services under Warehouse Storage Singapore

Once you have got your goals, budget, and key outcomes decided on for your storage resolution, you’re all set to start looking at a potential location for where you can trust and store at ease and safe. It is time you utilize our flexible and customisable service under Frigate warehouse storage Singapore.

We have transporters and labours too who can assist you if needed at a substantial rate. Also we provide security and also lock-in periods that gives you a comfortable and non-messy storage solutions.

On a single platform We are able to provide multiple options. Book the order via online and book the space and store your goods in long term or short term. You can get your goods back by making request via online through our official website.

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