Warm Introduction of Waste Disposal Services around Singapore

According to National Environment Agency Singapore: Singapore’s solid waste output has increased significantly over the years. The amount of waste sent for disposal rose from 1,260 tons per day in 1970 to 8,559 tons per day in 2016. This amount would have been significantly higher if Singapore had not recycled more than half of its waste!

Hence waste disposal in a fastidious manner is the most ongoing trend.

Frigate Waste Disposal service offers full-service waste removal and furniture disposal for your residential or commercial needs including offices, retail, relocations, buildings and product disposal, 7 days whole year round. With our Priority Same Day service, we will take care of your disposal needs even at the last minute. Our amiable staffs are on standby to meet all your urgent junk removal/disposal needs, which includes: Residential, commercial and secure disposal.

Flexible Services under our Waste Disposal Services

Waste Disposal service under Frigate offers the safe, cost effective and reliable of the drum management service be it a large or small wastes. Experts are involved the disposal & special management and hazardous wastes handling. Our staff collects, transports & arranges for the proper treatments and eradicating of the waste drums and their content while maintaining compliances with all the local, state and country regulation.

Business Bulk Removal/ Disposal

If there is a plan to overhaul your current computer systems for new ones in the market? Or are you planning to demarcate your offices to be more ambient and elegant to your precious staff and clients? You may be uncertain about how the e-waste or construction debris or damaged office furniture will be disposed off without interfering with the environment and at the same time incurring least costs. We know your frustration as we have all been there. Let’s Clear the Junk and do the dirty work while you concentrate doing what you do best as a company or organization.

Examples of items we remove:

  • Old or Damaged office furniture disposal
  • Office Documents trashing
  • Collection of Construction Debris
  • Disposal of Wood Waste
  • Events booths destruction
  • Company relocation/foreclosure

Residential Waste Disposal

Every business moves from order to disorder and this can be recognised when your spic and span apartment resembles a chicken house in the evening makes you exhausted to the core. We know that explicit feeling which becomes worse when the clutter and garbage in your house loads your weekend happiness with unnecessary hustle work. Junk to Clear is the absolute business remedy for this undying trouble as we work indeed to remove almost every junk from your house and leave it lively, fresh and in a comfortable ambiance as you will be delighted to see our work. The energetic and enthusiastic team members who carry out the job with the utmost integrity. With the overwhelming demand, we will be serving you all 7 days of a week!

Examples of situations in which we were employed:

  • Termite infested furnitures in old residence
  • Expats relocating overseas and have residential junk to clearance
  • Purchasing of new furnitures and disposal of old
  • Hoarders' Issues
  • Clearing heaps of junk outside your landed property
  • Removal of junk from storage place
  • Condolence-wreath flowers clearance
  • Post celebration clearance of office/resident

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